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Reducing Large Pores

Large pores can be a problem for a lot of people. Large pores are one of the leading cases of skin conditions today. Pores are opening in your skin that looks like holes. Normally they appear on your nose or chin, but not limited to just those places and can form anywhere. Pores start out as opening for facial hair. The size of the facial hair depends on the girth of the pore. Sometimes the mixture of dead skin cells and byproducts cause the pore to appear more open or clogged.
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You  basically cannot completely get rid of  big pores but you can manage them. If you are fighting large pores or clogged pores you may want to consider finding steps on how to close them. You will want to start with the appearance of the pore and find ways to reduce the size. It takes time to reduce the size and often, there will still be some visible signs of the pore or pores.

Choose your product

The first step that you can take is buying pre refining products. There are many types of pore reducing products on the market so you will have to find the one that works best with your skin.

The product you chose should help control the size of your pores. You will also want to consider a facial cleaner and an exfoliater that will help break up the clogged pores and help fight future breakouts. When a pore is clogged it causes the wall of the pore to thicken and that can leave lasting blemishes.

Unclogging your pores

The next thing you will want to start doing is unclogging your pores. One way that can help open up clogged pores is by steaming your face. This treatment is simple and cost nothing. You can do this by boiling water on the stove or by filing a water basin with extra warm water and hold your face over it.

This normally takes about a minute or two. The steam from the water loosens your pores causing them to open. Another way to open up clogged pores is by using a clay mask. Clay will clean your pores out and it will remove the excess oils beneath the skin.

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Final Steps

Once you have your face clean and your pores opened up you can use a pore tightening mask. The mask normally appears to look like clay but has a mixture of products that causes the skin to tighten up and the mask is designed to not clog the pores. You can also apply ice cubes to your face gently along your big pores for 15 to 30 seconds and this will also cause a tightening effect.

One of the ultimate things to keep in mind is keeping your face protected. Large pores can be caused by the sun, makeup products, or not cleaning your face properly. You may need to change the type of makeup products to brands that are for acne prone skid types. Treating them is a great solution but you really need to prevent them from future breakouts.

General guidelines for treating large pores would be to use less makeup, stay away from excessive direct sunlight, closing the pores after your usual cleaning process (with ice or cold water), maintain your facial skin clean at all times, and do not forget, good nutrition and lifestyle are always a factor.


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