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Best Treatment For Large Pores

The best treatment for large pores cannot be realized without first understanding what pores are and what causes large pores. Pores are the small opening on the surface of the skin, which serve important functions like sweating thus eliminating the toxins from our bodies, moisturize the skin and regulate body temperatures.

However, excessive oil and dirt buildup on the pores leads to clogged pores causing acne and large pores making the skin look older. Contrary to popular belief, we cannot reduce pore size since they do not contain muscles that open and close. Therefore, although we cannot change the structure of pores, there are several things that can be done to minimize their appearance.big pores

Large pores are caused by a variety of things most of which are beyond our control. Genes are the greatest determinants of the size of our pores. Individuals with large pores on the face have family members such as one of the parents with big pores. Oily skin, which we inherit from our parents, causes pores on the face to appear larger as the oils thicken the skin. Thickened skin exaggerates the appearance of pores.

Age also affects pore size. As one gets older, the skin loses its elasticity causing it to stretch and sag making the pores appear larger. Skin also thickens with age making pores look bigger. Further, sun damage causes the skin to thicken making the appearance of pore more noticeable. Prolonged exposure to the sun over time saps collagen, water and Elastin from the skin causing the tissues beneath the skin to shrink pulling the edge of the pores, making them sag and look bigger in the process.

Despite what reads on most cosmetic products labels and advertisement, large pores do not shrink. However, the appearance of skin pores can temporarily be reduced and prevent the problem from worsening. First, an excellent skin health program will ensure a clean and healthy skin. Using a gentle cleanser twice a day will help remove all the dirt and impurities that settle on the surface clogging up the pores. Cleansing should also be done after sweating to prevent oil buildup. When cleansing, be careful not to scrub too hard or too much as it dries up the skin causing the oil production to compensate. This includes washing the face with a washing cloth or an abrasive material.

An exfoliating cleanser should be used in addition once or twice a week. This breaks down the dead skin clogging up the pores and gives the skin a smoother appearance. You can then apply pore-minimizing creams at this point. These creams contain ingredients that enhance production of Glycoaminoglycans that firm the skin and help to minimize pores.large pores

Preventative steps should be taken to avoid factors, which contribute to large pore. Applying retained solution reduces appearance of pores, dissolves acne causing bacteria and repairs sun damage. And of course, sunscreen is of utmost importance to protect the skin from the sun and prevent large pores from looking worse.

While these steps produce temporary results, they ensure a conditioned and healthy skin. With a healthier skin, medium chemical peels, which are more affordable, will be more effective giving a long lasting result. A good skin health program is the best treatment for large pores because not only is it affordable, but also because it guarantees healthy and beautiful skin as one gets older.